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We're your filmmaking ally. Crafting media coverage, festival premiere and industry relationships to help you fill in the missing pieces of your structure, faster.

Outstanding PR Results & Film Festival Solutions.

ChicArt Public Relations
Montreal / Los Angeles
We love outstanding Independent Cinema and we believe that great films should get the media presence they deserve at an affordable indie price.
Our team helps elevate the exposure of the filmmakers, producers, artists, and film festivals that create and support Genre and Arthouse movies (LGBTQ+, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action, Comedy, Drama) and everything in between.

Stars are created by bringing public and industry awareness to their work... through publicity, festival strategy and market representation. However, underserved artists are often disadvantaged if they can not afford a publicist.


ChicArt PR has solved that problem. If you have an outstanding film selected at a top-tier festival, you could have access to our service via grants, discounts, and support. We're here to contribute to your success.

Let us bring your career to the highest level thanks to a conscious and holistic approach!

We promote worldwide in English, French and Spanish.

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